A Guide To Purchasing Loose Diamonds

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Artificial Diamonds
Artificial Diamonds
Artificial Diamonds

People’s preferences greatly vary when it comes to purchasing diamonds. While some people prefer diamond rings and other mounted jewelry, others choose to get loose diamonds. Purchasing loose diamonds can be beneficial in several ways when compared to getting mounted ones. Loose diamonds can also be a great investment, as their value does not depreciate greatly. Therefore, buying loose diamonds can be a wonderful option if you are planning to get diamonds.

Why Get Loose Diamonds?

When getting mounted jewelry, your options can be limited. But purchasing loose diamonds can give you an enormous number of options. You can choose diamonds from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors if you get loose diamonds. Additionally, you can mount them in a setting you like the best.

Also, you will get the freedom to closely inspect and compare your stones by preferring loose diamonds instead of mounted ones.

If you are planning to get loose diamonds, there are some important steps that you have to follow to choose the best options. Therefore, we offer a guide that can help you when purchasing loose diamonds.

Ask For Grading Reports

Whether you buy loose or mounted diamonds, grading reports or diamond certificates are extremely important, as they help you to determine the quality of the stone you get. Be aware that salesmen can trick you to get diamonds without a certificate. But don’t fall for their trap, as diamonds without grading reports have very low resale value. So if you are planning to get diamonds as an investment, purchasing diamonds that do not have grading reports can cause you to lose a huge amount.

Look For Laser Inscription

In addition to getting grading reports for diamonds, you should also make sure that the diamond you buy is indeed the one mentioned in the grading report. Each diamond will have a unique identification number that is mentioned in the diamond certificate. The same number will be inscribed on the stone. This number can help you to ensure that the stone you are getting is indeed real.

Compare Prices

Compare the prices between diamonds of different sizes and quality grades. Also, compare the price difference between natural and artificial diamonds so that you can choose an option based on your budget.

Inspect Under Magnification

Inspecting your loose diamonds under magnification can help to spot the imperfections in them including inclusions and blemishes. This can also help you to find out if there are any cracks in your stone.

Additionally, always choose the best jeweler to buy loose diamonds with high quality and a wide selection.

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