What To Do With Your Chipped Diamond?

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It can be a heartbreaking experience to see your diamonds chipped. However, it can happen in some circumstances, especially, if they are under great stress or pressure. A lot of people are confused about what to do with their chipped stones. If you are wondering what to do with your chipped diamond, then this article can be helpful for you, as we list some of the practical solutions available for you.

The following are some of the best things you can do with your chipped diamonds:

Cover The Chip Using The Prongs

This is one of the easiest ways to hide your chip. If the chip is minor and close to the girdle, then it will be possible for you to hide it using the prongs for your diamond rings. You can take your ring to a jeweler who can rotate the stone so that the chip will be hidden under the prongs. This method won’t cause you much monetary loss.

However, there are some dangers associated with hiding the chip under the prongs. A chip can weaken your stone thereby making it vulnerable to damage. If some excess pressure is applied to the chipped area, the chip can get worse thereby leading to the cracking of the diamond.

Therefore, if you prefer to hide the chip using the setting of the ring, then it is better to choose a bezel setting that can prevent the exposure of the diamond’s girdle. This setting can be the best option if you want a ring setting that can give better protection to your chipped diamond:


Re-cutting is usually suitable for bigger diamonds. If the chip is close to the girdle of the stone and does not travel to its center, then it might be possible for your jeweler to re-cut your diamond to avoid the chipped area. However, this can cause your diamond to become smaller and its carat weight will also be reduced greatly.

Repurpose Your Diamond

Chipped diamonds can be more vulnerable to further damage if they are placed inside the ring, as you can easily hit and bump your ring everywhere. Therefore, you can use your chipped diamond to create other pieces of jewelry including earrings or pendants where much pressure won’t be exerted on the stone.

Replace The Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

If the chipped diamond is small, then it will have to be replaced, as re-cutting it is futile. Sometimes, you might have to replace your bigger diamond too if the chip is big and beyond repair. But this can be a costly process. However, you can make it more affordable by getting lab grown diamonds.

If you have a chipped diamond, check whether any of these solutions are applicable to you.

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