Understanding Different Diamond Types

Lab Grown Diamonds

To learn further regarding the different forms of diamonds, gemology-related terminology, and their classification systems, Brides turned to gemstone expert Richard Pesqueira. Here, we will discuss the basic details about this interesting and occasionally technical topic. Diamond Classification By Origin Standard diamonds develop thanks to maximal pressure and temperature present in the Earth’s core. It… Continue reading Understanding Different Diamond Types

Try Bezel Settings For Your Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Diamond rings with bezel settings are one of the most popular settings among people. A bezel setting, unlike a prong setting, comprises a band of metal that completely or partially surrounds the lab-grown diamond, firmly holding it in position. The bezel setting has advantages and disadvantages, and whether or not it is ideal for you… Continue reading Try Bezel Settings For Your Lab-Grown Diamonds

A Guide To Emerald Cut Diamonds

Scratch Resistance Of Artificial Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are a one-of-a-kind and exquisite cut. An emerald cut diamond is essentially a step cut, unlike other brilliant cut diamonds.   Emerald cuts contain narrow rectangular facets that look like stairs or steps, as opposed to the conventional kite and star-shaped facets found in other diamond cuts. The glitter and brilliance of these… Continue reading A Guide To Emerald Cut Diamonds

How To Identify Lab-grown Diamonds?

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Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds have the same appearance. Even at high magnification, the two are essentially indistinguishable. Testing using highly specialized machines is the greatest approach to positively identify man-made diamonds. Magnetic testing can be useful in some cases. It cannot be stressed that lab-grown diamonds have a look that is visually identical to… Continue reading How To Identify Lab-grown Diamonds?

Why Are Lab Grown Diamond Getting Popular?

What Makes Graff Pink Diamonds Special

People are so excited when they heard that a new sort of diamond that is 30-40 % less expensive than mined diamonds is going to hit the market. We are talking about lab-grown diamonds, which are getting popular each day. Since 2013, many diamond buyers are choosing lab-grown diamonds for their diamond rings and necklaces.… Continue reading Why Are Lab Grown Diamond Getting Popular?

How Lab Grown Diamonds Are Created?

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are gaining popularity today and even celebrities are now preferring these stones over mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are a great option for people who follow ethical values, as these stones are ethical and conflict-free. By choosing lab-grown diamonds over mined stones, it will be possible for you to avoid the environmental and… Continue reading How Lab Grown Diamonds Are Created?