A Brief Comparison Between Single-Cut Diamonds And Full-Cut Diamonds

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When buying a diamond ring, it is important to know about the features of diamonds. You can find numerous articles on different quality parameters like cut quality, color, clarity, carat, etc. But do you know the difference between single-cut diamonds and full-cut diamonds? These terms may not be familiar to many diamond buyers because they are not that much important. But understanding the difference can help you to know more about round-cut diamonds and may even help you to save some money when buying round-cut diamonds. Let us look at the comparison between single-cut and full-cut diamonds.

About Single-Cut Diamonds

Round diamonds with a single-cut, commonly referred to as single-cut melee, are frequently used in pavé jewelry. These diamonds typically have 17 facets overall and weigh smaller than 0.10 carats. With 8 facets on the crown, 8 facets on the pavilion, and a bigger table facet, a single-cut diamond consists of a total of 17 facets. Due to this reason, single-cut diamonds are also known by the name eight-cut diamonds.

Some modifications were done to this diamond melee cut in the 1970s. In Belgium, single-cut diamonds of 16/16 facet arrangement were made, but they weren’t as successful as the 8/8 arrangement.

About Full-Cut Diamonds

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Diamond Ring

Round stones with 57 or 58 facets are known as full-cut diamonds. They are also referred to as round brilliant cut melee. These smaller round brilliant cut diamonds are imitations of the larger ones. Actually, all full-cut diamonds are shaped from single-cut round diamonds. The facets are cut on a single-cut diamond to produce a full-cut round brilliant diamond.

It is important to note that diamond melee can be shaped like a circle and can have fewer facets than the typical 57 or 58. However, in this scenario, the stone won’t be regarded as a genuine full-cut diamond.

The Comparison Between Single-Cut And Full-Cut Diamonds

The number of facets in a full-cut diamond is significantly greater than in a single-cut diamond and hence the full-cut diamonds are better at reflecting light. This is why full-cut diamonds are preferred as the center stones of an engagement ring.

When comparing the cost, low-quality single-cut diamonds are way cheaper than full-cut stones. The reduced manufacturing time and effort associated with making a single-cut diamond is the main reason for its affordability. As they are affordable, people use single-cut diamonds as accent stones for a diamond ring.

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