What To Know About Diamond Accents?

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Accent diamonds are stones that have lower carat weights and simple cuts. They are usually used as side decorations for diamond rings. These stones can increase the overall appeal and brilliance of your diamond jewelry. Accent stones are used for a wide range of ring settings including halo, channel, pave, cluster, etc. As these stones are very small in size they can be more affordable than bigger diamonds. Accent stones are available in both natural and lab grown diamonds. Therefore, it will be possible for you to choose an option based on your budget. Lab-grown accent diamonds can be highly affordable than natural diamonds.

How Accent Diamonds Are Cut?

As accent stones are small and less visible, they usually come with simple cuts. The commonly used settings in accent stones include round, triangular, or rectangular. Also, the number of facets will be low for these stones when compared to bigger diamonds. Accent stones usually come with 16-18 facets and the cut of these stones is often called single cut, whereas, the bigger stones have full cut that comes with 58 facets.

Carat Weight Of Diamonds Accents

The carat weights of diamond accents will be lower than 0.25. Most of them will be usually around 0.10 carats. When getting diamond accents for your ring, getting stones of similar size can help to make it symmetrical. This can be beneficial for you if you want to create a uniform look for your ring.

When shopping for a diamond ring with accent stones, try to go for stones that are big enough to enhance the look of your center stone, but are small enough to make the center stone stand out.

The Color And Clarity Of Accent Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Accent stones usually have lower clarity grades, i.e., most of them can have flaws like inclusions and blemishes. The clarity grades of accent diamonds will be typically SI (slight included) or I (included). But as these stones are very small, the inclusions in them will be hardly visible. Hence, jewelers will usually go for inexpensive stones with low clarity.

The color grade of accent stones will be usually Nearly Colorless. These stones are not colorless, however, they are not colored enough to affect the overall look of the setting.

When purchasing jewelry with accents, make sure that the color grade of these stones matches the color grade of the center diamond. Otherwise, the mismatch in their color will affect the appearance of your ring.

So when getting accent stones for your diamond jewelry, make sure to consider these factors.

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