Biggest Engagement Jewelry Trends For 2022, As Per Jewelers

Least Expensive Diamond Rings
Least Expensive Diamond Rings
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

At the start of a new year, there is always a buzz around celebrity proposals and other marriage proposals. There could be more celebrity engagement jewelry, wedding photographs and wedding fever in 2022 than the year before. Here, we will discuss what lay in store in 2022 for engagement rings.

Colored Stones

Colored gemstones, especially pink stones, have become popular among couples who seek individual and unique statements. In 2020, the Argyle Diamond mine closed its operations. Since then, pink diamonds have become more desirable and valuable.

Stunning Sapphire Rings

Jewelry pieces with sapphire stones are desirable and classic. Sapphire is an especially popular option for wedding bands and engagement jewelry. It is regarded as the gemstone of faithfulness and devoted love. You cannot go wrong with a sapphire ring if you seek an engagement ring that gives off timelessness and elegance.

Australian blue sapphire stones are not only becoming more and more popular but are also known for their stunningly rich and deep navy-blue hues. Nevertheless, Australian blue sapphire gems are a potentially cheaper option. There are jewelers with more sales of the gems last year. Princess Diana arguably trailblazed the sapphire ring trend. Diana’s 25th death anniversary is approaching, so the precious stone is likely to be more and more popular this year.

Statement Stackable Bands

Do you possess a solitaire ring or a ring with a much more detailed setting? Even if you have it, you can use stacking bands to step up or change the look. Many jewelers build wedding bands from scratch and in a way that makes those products match the form and contours of the engagement jewelry they create. Contoured wedding bands that are V-shaped or U-shaped offer something more modern than just the basic narrow and straight bands.

Multi-Stone Rings

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

The number of customers seeking rings set with multiple gems has been increasing to a large extent. People seek multi-stone rings to maximize the sparkle quotient of these products. A multi-stone ring band features a group of two or more precious gems. Jewelers can also arrange the gems asymmetrically to offer a flair that sets the ring apart from a traditional mirrored diamond style.

Earlier, customers who sought diamond rings used to buy into the ‘less is more’ notion more than they do today. Nowadays, it seems that more customers believe in the more is more concept.

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